Zubří, jaro 1999

Child of God

Ctirad Hrubý, * 23.12.1968
born again 20.10.1990
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'yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God'

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I am a child of God - is it possible? I can inform you, as a man, who was taught about bad church at school and grew up in a family which didn't know God, met God.

``Why am I living? Does my life have a point and direction? What will be after my death?'' --- these were questions, which worried my soul. Not even a school, not even my family gave me any answer.

As a student I got known, that a man is not good (as we studied at school), but his heart and mind are bad. After a short time I found, that I was not better than others. I told a lie to my parents about my examinations at university --- I said: ``they are finished'', but it was not true. My study was stopped and the truth about my lie was showed. ``I am a liar and there is no way for me'', my desire for pure life don't clean my old mistakes.

In October 1990, I went as a tutor to school in nature. There were two very nice teachers. Their peace and joy stopped me. They told me about a man loaded with guilt and God which loves people, about Son of God --- Jesus, which took up all sins and laid down his life for us. These words have changed my life ...

My experience was clear --- I need a new start of my life, I need be cleansed of my bad deeds. Jesus love, which does not need my ``goodness'', has stopped me. The last day before my departure (from school in nature) I prayed for the first time. I asked Jesus for forgiveness of my sins. I gave my life to him. I asked him: ``be my Lord --- you have a good plan for my life''.

The second day I woke up as a new man. A heavy stone fell down from my corrupted and now cleared conscience. My life has taken a new point and direct. God has started to spoke to me through the Bible. My inside has freed from many suffering and wounds. Practical love of Heaven Father strength me on the way. I have started to invite a Christian community. I was baptized. I have got a new friends who help me grow up ... I didn't change my decision. I found, that I am happy, when I am with Jesus and unhappy when I am leaving him.

It is not end. A life with Jesus is very adventurous. Full of strength experience. Life without fear of uncertainty, death ... without slaves to sin (not only alcohol and drugs --- envy and finding of success may rule over a man). I can speak a lot time about truthful of Bible, Jesus resurrection, replaying to prays ... but that is not a good way for you --- you may recognize that personally. That is the right way. A Christian is not this one, who visits a church --- Christian is a man, who knows Jesus Christ and follows him. Think about your life --- what do you do with it.

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